Loud Background Noise When Recording

I recently installed Audacity version 2.0.6 on my netbook. The operating system is Windows 7. When I click on the record button there is a loud background noise. Before I upgraded to this version of Audacity I did not have that problem. I deleted and reinstalled the 2.0.6 version to see if that would solve the problem but it did not.

Has anyone had this problem since upgrading to the lastest version? If so, how did you fix the problem?

Which version did you come from?

Installing and reinstalling brings your old settings forward. If you want to reset Audacity Preferences, scroll down.


Which microphone are you using and how is it connected?


I had version 2.0.5 installed previously.

I am using the internal microphone that are in the computer.

Where can I get the 2.05 version to reinstall?



There is no change in Audacity 2.0.6 I can think of that would cause background noise when recording. Audacity just records what you give it.

There is a small chance it could be a setting you changed in Audacity. If so, run the Audacity 2.0.6 installer again and check (tick) the box “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer.

When you launch 2.0.6 again, make sure you choose the internal mic as recording device in Device Toolbar.

If that doesn’t help, look in Windows Sound (Missing features - Audacity Support). Click the Recording tab, right-click over the internal mic, choose Properties, then look at all the settings. Perhaps you turned a mic boost on by accident.

P.S. If you are recording the click on the button, a less noisy way you can start Record is to press R on your keyboard.



Resetting the preferences stopped the loud background noise. Thanks a bunch :smiley:

But now I have another problem. It appears to be recording when I click on record (I see the waves, but they go straight across). When I go to play what I think recorded there is no sound.


Blue waves that go straight across (and no bouncing red sound meter) means you’re recording silence.

You should make sure Audacity is trying to record your microphone. Look at the Recording entry in the Device Toolbar.