Lots of Clicking


I imagine this has been covered before, but I could not turn up anything with searches.

I am having a problem with clicking sounds on recordings. I have tried the removal tools, but they don’t work for this. I have also tried reducing the gain on my mic. I use a Samsung Q1U USB mic.

It seems to me that the first recording I do in a new session is pretty much okay. It is subsequent recordings where I got lots of clicking sounds starting about 1/2 way or so through. I’m not that much of a purist that I don’t mind the occasional click, but what I get is a LOT of them that spoils the recording.

Does this sound familiar? What can I do to either stop them or otherwise get rid of them?


It seems to me that the first recording I do in a new session…

So you’re doing overdubbing or sound-on-sound?

Overdubbing stresses the machine – not on the first track (assuming you didn’t record a click track first), but tracks two, three, and on. The machine has to play all the older tracks perfectly correctly and record the new one at the same time. Anything that slows the machine down can cause problems.

You may have an audible version of his problem:

I think as in the wiki, your machine can’t keep up. The posting has a number of things you can do to speed up the system.

Depending on what they sound like, you could be getting those clicks in your USB Hub. USB audio equipment requires USB home runs.


Thanks Koz!

Yes. I believe that is the correct term. I load a background wave file into Audacity from a CD. Then I split the track. I mute the left channel and monitor the right channel through my headset that is on my right ear only while I record on another track. It’s tricky and I have to adjust myself for staying on the beat, but I am getting much better with every passing day. When I am spot on, it gives me a much superior recording than I get when trying to jam.

I increased the latency. I also un-installed the Windows anti-virus hog and disconnected the computer from the Internet. That did it! There is no reason why my recording computer needs Internet access. If I want to upload a recorded song to Dropbox, I now put it on my jump drive and upload it on my main desktop computer.

So now I have my mic gain set at 85% and it is comparable or a little greater than the wave files I load into Audacity.

I am on my way with this.