Lost the Save to MP3 Option

Windows 10 & Audacity Version 3.4.2. I have spent most of the afternoon loading a few projects , making odd adjustments , and saving these as MP3’s without problem. I did around 12 and tried to do another , and the dropdown / File / Export Audio Format doesn’t show MP3 as an option. The other Format options are there (compared to them on my old laptop 3.4.2). Have I done something daft here ?

Testing on W10 with 3.4.2 I cannot replicate this.

This works for me:


That MP3 option is gone from the list on mine.
Maybe try a re-install ??

Well that is most odd :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A re-install is unlikely to help as the Audacity settings persist independent of re-installation.

Try instead purging your Audacity settings folder.
See: FAQ:Installation, Startup and Plugins - Audacity Manual


Thanks waxcylinder , that sorted it. I followed those instructions , re-installed and selected restore settings. Thanks for your help.

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