Lost the _data folder - How do I rebuild?

Hi, I am a newbie and I have two great interviews that I really want in wave or aiff or mp3. I saved them as an export when I made them last month and now they are only showing up as .aup and then a thousand tiny files of audio under a folder E00 with subfolders d00 to d06. I just can’t believe that by moving the _data folder I have lost the ability to use this interview! Please help. Heidi

Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects. Projects have an AUP file and a _DATA folder and between them, they make the show. You can’t split them. They have to be in the same folder or location to work. Just move one into close proximity to the other (same folder) and double click the AUP file.

It should open right up. _You can’t put the AUP file inside the DATA folder. That’s not allowed.

Audacity does Export sound files like WAV, AIFF or MP3.


THank you for looking at this for me! I created a new folder and put both the data labelled E00 and the .aup in there but separate. The E00 reads todays date and the .aup reads January when I made it. I put them in proximity but not inside one another and still when i try to open it in audacity I get a message that says:
Couldn’t find the project data folder: “Andrew Balson_data”
Now what?
Please respond,

Attach-1 is what your show is supposed to look like. The e00 folder is inside the Test-Project_data folder.

You may be able to simply create the folder, move the e00 folder into it and we’re done.

Control-Click on the desktop > New Folder (Attach-2). Soft click or double click the folder name and type in the label that Audacity said it was looking for > Enter (Attach-3)

Move that newly named empty folder next to the AUP file, move the e00 folder into it and try to open the show.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.30.29.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.29.44.png
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 21.33.57.png

Koz explained why that was incorrect.

To save this problem in future, never do copying and moving by hand.

Simply open the project, File > Save Project As… and save as a new name, or the same name in another folder.

If you were only doing a move, delete the original AUP file and _data folder.


Maybe we could do with an additional entry in the File menu: File > Move Project…

Which would open up a dialog enabling the user to move the project safely to a new location without leaving anything behind (for the user to have to delete)

The issues in this thread (mis-managed project moves) seem to happen quite a lot - we see many reports on the Forum, so this is well worth considering imo.


I would like to see a “Project Manager” where you can copy or move a project, make incremental backups, delete old projects, zip up projects and so on.

We need to decide the ultimate project format first.


File > Move Project…

That may be flying in the face of super convenient window management.

You can just pick up the file and move it, or you can find and start the project move process…

The Monty Python version of that would have you start the project movement paperwork and submit it to the Ministry of Project Movements.

One of the many places the fragmented project format just kills you.


That’s like waiting for Godot …

Or the Three Sisters longing to espace “Will we vere get to Moscow …” :smiley:

But while we are waiting we could add a simple Move Project and Delete Project methinks :sunglasses: :nerd:


I actually was thinking of submitting the “paperwork”, well e-paperwork, in the form of a Bugzilla enhancement request and maybe a Proposal - but then though better of it Koz :wink:


IT WORKED!!! Thank you so so so much. I had to create an alias for the .aup one as once i moved the data into a new folder the .aup was dated too far away. If you create an alias, it makes it the same date(TODAY) and then I exported it as .wav for my podcast at TheEditorial.com. I am so grateful!!! Heidi :smiley:

I have an appointment to review my silly walk.


Audacity does not perform date checks as far as I know when checking project consistency.

So, if you had created a new _data folder now, and the AUP file and the “e00” folder and its subfolders and files were different earlier dates, that does not stop the project opening.