I have to same problem with my project I have all the files but how can I reassemble all those files in the order they were when I saved ?
Please help me!

Were you transplanted from the bottom of another post? We’d really rather you didn’t piggyback another post. It’s impossible to keep track of which forum reply is going to who.

Please tell us which Windows and which Audacity you have.

Describe the show. How long is it? What is it? Are you recording your voice? Guitar?


Yes I split this topic from another one that Remi2143 posted to. If you need help, we need you to start a new topic and describe your own exact system and exact details of what happened to you. So I started a new topic for you.

As a generalised answer - if you have already saved an Audacity project, simply open the AUP file you saved. The AUP opens all the little AU files in the _data folder in the correct order. See Audacity Manual.

If for whatever reason you don’t have an AUP file for the project you saved, then you have to sort the AU files by time, rename the files, then use a special recovery utility to create a new WAVE file or files. This only works with a recording you made yourself in Audacity that you never edited. See Audacity Manual.