lost recording


I wanted to record an almost an hour interview but when I pressed “stop” audacity froze and then disappeared. I cannot retrieve my recording. Is there any way to retrieve it? Thank you for your help.

an unlucky and sad user:(

If you’re using Audacity 1.3.9 there is a good chance that it will automatically recover it when you restart Audacity.
If Audacity offers to delete orphaned files, say NO.

If that doesn’t work or you are using Audacity 1.2, see here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=CrashRecovery

Thanks for trying to help. I’ve read all those pages but unfortunately I think my interview isn’t among the temporary files even though I didn’t click “YES” on deleting when I re-opened Audacity. I’m quite heartbroken because it was very important for me. I’m using Windows Vista and Audacity 1.2 version… I’m afraid that this 1-hour-recording is lost forever.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to the 1.3 version - Audacity 1.2 was invented back in the days of Win98.