Lost Project after trying to export.

Hi there,
I had been just starting my project on the latest version of Audacity and it had came to the end of my voice recording, I wanted to go straight to exporting but instead of hitting cmd E I hit S and it asked me to save, at that point I didn’t know what I had done so I just pressed no, straight after that the whole Clip had been gone and the Undo was useless,
Could someone be able to explain what happened when I pressed no and Is there any way to recover that file.
I looked some things up and people say to go to preferences, directories and I’ll find the autosave folder, there was nothing there apart from a text file with a few numbers.
Is my recording completely gone or is there something I can do.
Thanks JP

Do you recall what the question was that you clicked “No” to?

“Cmd + S” saves the project. If the project had been saved previously, the project would have been re-saved (updated). If the project had not previously been saved, then you would be prompted for where you want to save it.

Is it possible that you may have accidentally pressed “Cmd + Q”?
That’s the command to Quit (shut down) Audacity. You would be asked if you want to save the project before quitting. If you clicked “No” to that, then Audacity would quit and the project would be gone forever.

(We receive a lot of requests to remove the “do you want to save before you quit” prompt, but the developer’s won’t do that because they believe the risk of accidentally losing work would be too great)