I accidentally clicked a drop-down on my VU meters and they vanished. I’ve read about floating and docking them but I can’t find anything about making them reappear once they’ve disappeared. Has anybody read about that?

In 1.3 View>Toolbars>Show Meter Toolbar should do the trick

In 1.2 try View>Dock Meter Toolbar


Thanks WC for the suggestion–(I have version 1.2.4)–my VU meters are still gone. On the drop-down under VIEW I still have all 4 “FLOAT” choices, even though the meters aren’t there to FLOAT. So I click “FLOAT METERS” anyway–nothing happens except the new choice “DOCK METERS” appears on the drop-down–but it’s in faded grey which means it’s not a choice anymore–so nothing happens when I click it. How can I make my VU meters re-appear? Would someone PLEASE right-click on the VU meters and let me know if the answer is there? Does it tell how to get them back after you’ve made them disappear?

rokdude - try the suggestion in this thread http://audacityteam.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2647


Thanks, WC!!! That was the solution! My VU meters have returned! And I thought I had looked everywhere! Rock on.

Glad you got it sorted rokdude - BTW did you see Kozikowski’s post on the thread I referred you to above about re-sizing the meter bar. It really healps to control the signal level of you do enlarge the meters - I have mine stretched across the whole width of the Audacity window.


Thanks again, WC–the MEGAMETERS are great! For any newbies reading this (I’m one, myself) go to VIEW->FLOAT METER TOOLBAR. Then drag your meters wherever you want AND you can drag the edges or corners to resize and reshape your meter box. Right click on each meter to select VERTICAL STEREO if you want. Too cool.

USB NOTE: If you’re input is USB, the Audacity Input Volume control does not affect the input volume. It must be adjusted at the source. Also you will not be able to choose another source from the Input drop-down list while using a USB input.

Note to WC (from the UK): Last night a couple of chick violinists from the London Philharmonic got up and jammed with our band. I guess they were here in Palm Springs (CA) to do a concert. They played Danny Boy and Orange Blossom Special! They looked and sounded great. Rock on.

rokdude: glad you like the big meters :smiley:

In contrast to your gig, I was in the audience in Manchester last night singing along with the nearly 70-year old Tom Paxton. He’s still singing well after all those long years - and still writing great new songs …

And many thanks for posting back your Audacity tips - so that other may benefit.