lost my plugins

I just got a new hard drive for my computer. All of my audacity plugins are gone…acx check…everything that I had before. Gone. I don’t know how to open any previous versions…It won’t let me do it. I don’t know how. It tells me there are no previous versions, and says I need to install ffmp or something like that. Nothing opens. I’m pretty desperate as I’m in the middle of a project where I need everything including my macros to be the same as it was. I’m heartbroken and no one who I thought could help me is available. I remember when I installed everything it was all hard and compicated in the first place, but everything was working perfectly. I’m so distraught. I wish there was a way I could speak to someone about this.

If you have backup copies of the Audacity projects you should be able to open them,
you may have to download an old version of Audacity, (same as the version you were using),
from here … https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html

plugins/macros are usually stored in this hidden folder


If you have a backup copy of the data on your computer you can copy & paste that Audacity folder to restore plugins/macros/preferences.

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Perhaps you are looking for this: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Nyquist_Analyze_Plug-ins#ACX_Check

Thank you, but the problem was solved. We found the file it was stored in.