Lost my entire recording. Can someone help me please?

Hello everyone,
I just noticed that my file won’t open, and I get the following message:

Audacity failed to read from a file in /Users/mymac/Desktop

Problem details:
“timestamp”: 1649797412,
“event_id”: “67024f68cf9c473b92e83fe49db0dca4”,
“platform”: “native”,
“release”: “audacity@3.1.3”,
“contexts”: {
“os”: {
“type”: “os”,
“name”: “Macintosh”,
“version”: “10.16.0”
“exception”: {
“values”: [
“type”: “File_Error”,
“value”: “Audacity failed to read from a file in /.”,
“mechanism”: {
“type”: “runtime_error”,
“handled”: false,
“data”: {
“sqlite3.rc”: “101”,
“sqlite3.context”: “SqliteSampleBlock::Load::step”

Could anyone help me with this? I would really appreciate it!!! Please let me know and thank you in advance.

Here is a link to the file. I have uploaded it on my google drive. Thank you!


I have figured it out thank you

I am glad to hear you’ve got this sorted. :smiley: Here is more information on recovering from this problem: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/corrupt-or-otherwise-broken-audacity-project-recovery/64162/1

Once you present a problem on the forum, it’s a terrific idea to share how you solved it. This is a forum with users helping each other, not a one-sided, anonymous Help Desk.

How did you fix it?


Hi. I accidently erased my whole episode. Is there a way to get it back?

How did you erase the episode? If you did it inside Audacity and you haven’t closed Audacity yet, Edit > UNDO. Repeat as needed.

If you closed Audacity or you deleted the episode outside of Audacity, then that may be the end of the world. MacOS doesn’t have UnDelete programs.

If you did it outside of Audacity, do you have your trash basket set up for Confirmation? Is the show still in the basket?

You’ll have to go back to the backup WAV files you made from the raw show performance and start the edit over again.


Which version of macOS are you using?
(This is the macOS part of the forum)