lost music

I accidently hit the keyboard and the projest I was working on disappeared. How do I find it? When I try to open it I get nothing. I try again and it tells me it is already open in another window. My project is in this computer somewhere. HELP !!!

If you did not close the project, try Edit > Undo.


I had already saved the file to work on later. Later after opening the file and working on it was when I hit the keyboard.
When Audacity 2 was still Beta some people were having problems finding stuff after it was saved. Someone gave the route to find the music. It was a lot of clicking to get there. I printed the instructions off but seeing Audacity was out of Beta I threw it away. Maybe those instructions would work now if I had them. Please tell me how to find my music. I don’t want to start over.

You can save the project without closing it, hence if the project is still open, Edit > Undo.

Edit > Undo. If you “hit the keyboard” this usually means you hit Delete when all the audio was selected. and the way to get the audio back is to Undo. If you did not delete all the audio while the project was open, what happened?

If you saved and closed the project with no audio present, ignoring the warning about that, then it will reopen empty.

It’s irrelevant if you saved the project empty. If you think that the last time you had the project open, you saved it with blue waves present, open the .aup file again. If there is no blue waveform visible, click Help > Show Log…, then Log > Save… and attach the log file (“Upload attachment” underneath where you post messages).


If you did prevoiously save the project, and when you hit the keyboard you did NOT cause the project to be saved again, then doing File > Recent Files should give you a pointer to where your project file is.

When I opened Audacity again there was a message asking me if I wnted to recover my projesct. I clicked yes and got my music back.
Audacity seems to be acting funny at times. I think I have a virsus. I scanned with my antivirsus but it didn’t find anything. I’m going to get my tech person to check it out tomorrow.
Thanks for your help.

I’m glad you got your music back, but your description now sounds as if Audacity just closed without warning when you did something on the keyboard.

Definitely you you should check for viruses, but if the problem happens again with Audacity please let us know, telling us that Audacity quit without saving. If you can remember what keys you hit when that happened, all the better.