Lost Files??

I downloaded and have been using Audacity for the past two months. I am usually able to open my files and listen to them with no problems. Today I tried opening some recently recorded files of class lectures and I was unable too. A notification that came up said that my files have been lost and are unrecoverable. This really really really sucks because I have finals coming up. I really thought I could depend on the program and I hope that I still can. Any way to recover the file?

The warning box that comes up says:

Project check detected 1038 missing audio data blockfile[s] (.au), probably due to a bug, system crash or accidental deletion. There is no way for Audacity to recover this lost data automatically; you may choose to permanently fill in silence for the missing data, temporarily fill in silence for this file session only, or close the project now and try to restore the missing data by hand.

I know there is no way I deleted the files, no way I have a bug and no way it crashed. I saved my work after every recording.

Please help!

You’re probably far better off copying and pasting this posting into the forum more appropriate to your computer type and version of Audacity.


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