Lost files

XP Files lost. I cannot find my test runs and cannot delete them. I Installed from your web sight. Bert

Not quite enough words there. You installed Audacity 2.0 from here:


…and now you can’t find the installer files?


I installed audacity 2.0 and recorded some music as a test. Now where is it, so that I can access it and how do I get rid of it so that I can free up my computer for more testing? My computer has very little room for the music so I would like to record something and than try to transfer it to a thumb drive ’ Should I try to convert it first? Is the recording I made able to be transfred directly to a CD or must it be converted first. Bert

Audacity can become unstable on really small machines.

Audacity saves snippets of recorded work as it goes and if you exit without doing anything else, it cleans up after itself by deleting all the files. If you Save A Project, the work will turn into an AUP Project Manager file and a similarly named _DATA folder with the snippets in it. Open the AUP file to open the show or destroy both file and folder to destroy the show.

If you want a stand-alone sound file you need to Export one. Audacity will default to exporting a WAV file which is very high quality, very large, and will open on all three types of computer. Other file types like MP3 can be exported as well, but you have to install special software for that.

So as long as you neither Export or Save, Audacity will exit clean – unless it runs out of room while it’s working. Then you could have serious problems…

Did I hit it?


You can push a WAV file, an MP3 file, or an AUP file and _DATA folder over to a thumb drive, external hard drive, or burn it to a Data CD. The problem with the Data CD, is some computers like to produce an image of the work and then burn that, rather than simply using the original work. That doubles the size of the show and you might not be able to deal with that.

You can use Windows Media to burn a Music CD that will play in your car. A Data CD won’t do that.


I think so. I would like to either record the music onto a cruser or convert it to MP3 first and then put it on the cruser. Bert

After you get the music in Audacity the just use the EXPORT and export it as a MP3 file to the thumb drive of your choice

What about Lame is that not needed anymore? after you export it to a MP3 file how do you fine it? Bert

Sorry, If you do not already have Lame on your computer then GOOGLE Lame.dll and it will take you to the Download page. once installed you do not have to worry about it. Audacity will find and use it automatically.

When you export a file Audacity will ask you where to export the file to. You decide what folder to put it in. You can create a folder to put all of your music in.

Probably not the best idea as there are many versions of LAME and many of them are not compatible with Audacity.
The most up to date instructions for installing Lame for Audacity are here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Installation_and_Plug-Ins#lame

Bought a new computer and tried to install Audacity several times and it failed. It said create process failed code 14001 application configuration is incorrect. What does that mean and what can I do to get Aduacity up and running.

Please see the green panel in this Frequently Asked Question .