Lost File

Hi, everyone

To be honest, I’m not sure what I did. I was editing some audio yesterday for a podcast and saved it as an .aup file earlier in the afternoon. I continued editing until later in the evening when I closed that file to start recording a new one. A prompt came up, but I thought it was the usual about saving the file as an .aup, so I clicked okay and the file closed. Now I’m thinking it may have said something different because I went to continue editing this morning and I literally cannot find the file or data folder ANYWHERE on my computer. I even tried a data recovery and nothing came up. It’s as if the file just vanished into thin air. I feel like at least the first saved version should come up, but nothing. It was a pretty large file and a lot of work was completed, so I’m desperate for any help in being able to locate it.

I’m on a Mac OS Mojave version 10.14.6
I’m using Audacity version 2.3.0

Thanks in advance!

so I clicked okay and the file closed.

The Prompt closed.

And then you closed the lid on the laptop or shut down the machine or put it to sleep?

If it was a long show, it may have still been saving and had everything open when you closed the lid. Did the multiple saves all have the same show name?