lost file?

I imported an audio into audacity , went through the steps and made my Mp3, after saving it and exporting it, cannot find it ? all I find is the original ? I am on win 8 , and cannot go to the place where audacity shows it is saved? not in music, not in documents , not in downloads, not on /in computer??

What location did you select in the Export dialog screen?

This shows the file being exported into a “Jimi Hendrix” folder:

For more information, see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/file_export_dialog.html

when I click save , audacity says I do not have permission to save there? so they gave me another folder choice, so I used that, but the file is not there? my name is Terrence, so that is the folder name they offered but it is not there? and , I did download the LAME app and all that. only thing I can find is the original I saved in downloads from the email it was in so it showed up in outlook as a download. but the Mp3 I made is nowhere to be found in my Terrence folder or anywhere? audacity has it stored in there temp file.

my name is Terrence ,that is the folder it was to go to. audacity did not give me a choice in the matter. they named it and said , “do you want to put it in this”? they rest of the prompt said, I was not allowed to put it where the save button goes to? when I open that folder, the saved Mp3 in not there?

Try Exporting to the Desktop.