lost file PLEASE HELP

I recorded a file with several songs on different tracks. something has happened and when I try to open it, I get two messages saying that audacity cant find the folder or the file. this file is very important and I have searched all over these forums trying to find out what to do. similar problems don’t seem to be helping. I will do anything I can to recover this just PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Audacity doesn’t save sound files. It saves Projects. When you save an Audacity Project, it makes an AUP file and a _DATA folder with the show in it.

KozMusic.aup (file)
KozMusic_data (folder)

You need to have both of those and they need to be in the same folder or location for the show to open. Double click the AUP file.


They are both there but it still wont work, do they have to be in a certain location?

is there any where else to go for help with this. anything I can send in or anything like that at all?

What is the exact name you called the show? What’s the name of the AUP file?

The AUP file has no ability to navigate the computer, so for it to find the _DATA folder, it has to be in the same directory or folder — and that location can be anywhere you have permission to work.


impromptu album is the name of the file and I can see the folder and the file. theres a folder with the name, and inside that theres another folder by the same name for some reason and the file is in there but does not work

I think you will find that the first message is “cannot find _data folder”, and the second message is “cannot open AUP file”.

First, make sure you are showing extensions for known file types. See here for how to do that: Windows help & learning . This will let you see AUP after the name of the project file.

If you have any folder (it does not matter what it is called, but let’s call it “Music”) and you have in that folder

impromptu album.AUP

then you must have the folder

impromptu album_data

in the same folder as impromptu album.AUP (so in our example you would have impromptu album_data in “Music”).

The impromptu album.AUP must not be inside the impromptu album_data folder.

The “impromptu album_data” folder must be called exactly “impromptu album_data”. No other names are allowed.

Attach the AUP file if you are still stuck. Please see here for how to attach files: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1 .


this is what im tryin to get. it may not seem like much but I gotta get this thing
impromptu album.aup (145 KB)

The AUP file looks OK.

This is repeating ourselves, I think.

Windows Start > My Computer.

Navigate to the folder that contains the folder “impromptu album_data”. Folders should look like square boxes or document wallets. If you don’t know where that folder is, search the computer for it.

If you deleted the folder, open the Recycle Bin and restore the folder. Recycle Bin will say where it deleted the folder from and it will restore the folder to there.

When you have found the folder “impromptu album_data”, find the file “impromptu album.AUP” that you attached and put it in the same folder where you found the folder “impromptu album_data”. You must be able to see both “impromptu album.AUP” and “impromptu album_data” in the same folder in Windows.

Do not put “impromptu album.AUP” inside the folder “impromptu album_data”.


is there a way to see what the original folder it was in is. its not in the recycle bin but I don’t know where it was originally because I moved it a few times.

It’s where the folder “impromptu album_data” is now that matters. Search the computer for it. If you are not sure how to search in your version of Windows, open My Computer then press F1.

You can also search for the file “e0000fb6.au” which will be in the “d00” folder that is in the “e00” folder inside “impromptu album_data”.