Lost Data From Crash After Saving Multiple Times

Hi, I’m new to Audacity and had an issue that I don’t understand.
I recorded 17 minutes of audio, saving multiple times during the process. I then tried to install the DeEsser.ny plugin by doing Tools > Nyquist Plugin Installer
Upon attempting to install the plugin, the program immediately crashed and prompted me to use a saved snapshot of the progress.
The snapshot in question saved a small 15 second clip of audio from two minutes into my recording and nothing else.
When I go to properties of the file, there are no previous versions available.
What is also odd is that the .aup3 file is still 357,000 KB, implying that the data is still somewhere in there…?
I’m not sure what to do here. Do I just need to record everything again? Thanks

There’s two versions of what you did. Saving one show multiple times updates one single performance with additional data, but it’s still only one show under one show’s management. The best way to do that is Save As a different show. If something bad happens to one show, you can open one of the others and the data should still be there. Someone will correct me.


Thanks for your reply. How would I go about opening one of the other shows?

As I understand it, you only have one show that’s been constantly updated. When that one show fails, that’s the end of the world. The other more senior forum elves may chime in.

Doing it the other way, as you produce the content, you File > Save Project > Save Project As… with a new name.

You would intentionally produce files like this.


There’s rules about the names. Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, Dash, and Underscore. Those are the only characters allowed in filenames for best stability. I never use spaces, either.

Each version includes all the work of the older versions. The important difference is a crash. If something damages the current version, the older versions are intact, stand-alone shows and should still be OK.

Find out what caused the crash, fix it, open up the one show before the damaged one and keep going. Unless someone else posts, I think you will be starting the current show over.

You should be doing all your work on the internal drive. Audacity doesn’t get along well with external, network, internet, or cloud drives.


A word about that. You can totally store files on outside drives, you just can’t let Audacity see you doing it. You can, for example, keep your finished audiobook chapters on outside drives and only actively work on one chapter. As far as Audacity is concerned, that one chapter on the internal drive is the only one in the world.

Audacity assumes that it can do its most important, critical, difficult jobs on any drive it can see. It’s your job to make sure it can only see the internal drive. You do not, for bad example, want to set up a rhythm-critical multi-track live-music overdubbing session with a Google Cloud drive in a featureless building in Schenectady.


Installing a nyquist plugin using the nyquist plugin installer in versions 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 causes audacity to crash. This will be fixed in 3.4.2.
As a workaround, you can manually copy the plugin file the folder with the path %appdata%/audacity/plug-ins

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