lost cable

I have an usb-turntable (iTTUSBO5). It’s seven years old and unfortunately I’ve lost the usb-cable to my pc and now I’m really in the dark about getting a new one as there many types in the market, so I don’t know which one to choose. Can anybody help me to get the right one?

Kind regards,
Jorgen Tronborg

The instructions for this turntable are non technical and the pictures are all artist illustrations, not actual photos, so there are no good ways to tell what the connection on the back of the turntable are past knowing someone that has one. Or calling the company.

It looks like the cable might be a USB A to USB B cable like this:



One solution woud be to get a “regular” USB cable ([u]like this[/u]) and if that doesn’t work you can buy a “kit” of USB adapters
([u]like this[/u]). Once you find the right connector from the kit, I’d recommend getting the “right” cable for permanent use.

Or, take the turntable to your local audio/video store and the salesman can sell you one that fits.

And, when you find the right cable… Buy an extra one (if you can get it at a good price). I usually order my cables from Monoprice, so the prices are cheap-enough to buy extras.