I had several saved audacity projects on an older computer. However, without realizing this was a grave mistake, I only saved the data folders, WITHOUT the AUP files for those projects. Is there any easy way to restore those projects?

Is there any easy way to restore those projects?

There’s nothing easy about this.

You can use the Disaster Recovery process to rescue a Mono Raw Recording. No editing. If you have a Stereo Raw Recording, you may get the show back with the Left and Right stereo sound out of order.

Scroll down.


If the Projects were edited shows, you’re dead. Production Editing scrambles the work in the _DATA folder and depends on the AUP file to unscramble it.

The Desperation Disaster Recovery is to listen to each individual six second snippet in the _DATA folder (they will open and play in Audacity) and try to guess where it was in the show and whether it’s Left or Right.