Lost aup! [SOLVED]

Hi there,

I’ve been recording lots of audio files over the last few days, and have just come to backing them up on to Hard drive, but one of my aup files is missing… The computer didnt crash, and I have no recollection of deleting it, but I guess I must have by accident!?

Is there anyway of recovering the project from the data file, which is still in tact?!

I cant record it again, so would be so grateful for any pearls of wisdom!

Using Windows and 2.0.6

Probably no. There is a technique where you line up all the files in the _DATA folder according to time/date.


Not all the little snippets in the _DATA folder are sound.

The system was designed for maximum efficiency and the ability to recover a crashed recording. If you close Audacity and go home after the show the chances of recovery go way down. If you lost the AUP file after editing, it’s impossible.

We recommend also exporting WAV if you’re working on an important show.

Im exporting it all to WAV now, I have 46 files and only have this problem on one of them which is very random :frowning:

I’ve found the shortcut to project 31, but when I click to open it, it says: Couldnt find the 31_data

The another box pops up which says: Could not load file: C:UsersDesktopTEMPTING FATE AUDACITY PROJECTS30_data31.aup

Is there any clue to the problem from the mismatch in the data and aup details on this error message?

Its somehow disappeared between recording it and saving it and reopening it at home to make another copy…
My computer is only showing the minutes for the data snippets, would the manual stringing it together method literally be going through all of these- doesnt look like I have an option to filter it in that way…

If you have an AUP file, you can open it up in any text editor and read it. It’s in “English” programming language.

Somewhere in the first few lines of text, it will give you the name of the original show. projname=
That can be a Get Out Of Jail card if you scrambled the names of your files and folders. You cannot change show names and you cannot split folders.

You can also get killed if you use dates in your filenames. In general, punctuation marks in filenames are a bad idea, particularly slashes. Today is 2015-01-14, not 1/14/15. That last number is also computer speak for three nested folders or directories — not a date. That kind of thing can also give you the Drive Is Full error.


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>


Right then. So your show is called 31, the AUP file is 31.aup and the folder with the sound snippets in it is 31_data. Are both of those in the same place or folder? Audacity will not look for the _DATA folder through multiple directories or folder layers.

The AUP project manager file is the last written. Did you fill up your hard drive? Yes, Audacity saves your show in billions of short sound snippets, but all those little files are not sound.

We’re hashing out the idea: We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t unscramble a _DATA folder?

When I created that picture, I expanded the text window so the long lines of text didn’t fold, and then I added blank lines here and there. It looks less intimidating that way, but yours is more normal.


Moved both shortcuts to the same place and reopened the aup with Audacity back from notepad and it has magically appeared!!!