Lost aup file

Good day! The title says it all. I must have missed copying this file. I´ve got the data file. Now what can I do to replace the aup? I´ve serached this drive to see if it was misplaced but that´s a big negatori. Thanx.

A project has two parts:

  1. The audio data in the “_ProjectName__data” folder.
  2. The Audacity project file (“ProjectName.aup”). This tells Audacity where all the bits of audio data go within the project.

Both parts are essential.

I know all that. I need the aup and don´t have it. That´s where it stands. I also know that the newer version will not have two files, but one combined. I need a solution for a lost aup file now.

If the project was a recording and totally unedited at the time that it was saved, then you could sort the .AU files by file creation time and stitch them together.

If it’s a very short project you could import the .AU files (from the _data folder) and try to figure out the correct order.

In all other cases the only realistic option is likely to be to start the project again.

OK. Thanx.

You can do some of this by inspection of the blue waves. The two ends of successive AU files should be similar.

This is likely to be a match.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 15.52.32.png
whereas this isn’t.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 15.50.19.png
If you didn’t do anything to the files, they will still have the computer time and dates attached. That will get you down to the nearest minute or 10 mono files. They’re six seconds each.

If it’s a stereo show, the AU files alternate Left Side and Right Side. There are five stereo groups in that case.

This can sometimes be done, but it’s not fun. How long is the show?


Koz - That is very useful info.

Does Aup3 handle this situation? I’m running into more projects with lost aup files. Can I open the data file wityhout the aup file now with Audacity 3?

Healthy Audacity2 projects will open in Audacity3. Audacity3 projects are contained in one large AUP3 file. New projects aren’t split in two any more. In general, a damaged Audacity2 show is going to stay damaged. That’s why the development team finally gave up on the legacy project format.

As above, you might be able to rescue an Audacity2 project manually, in six second chunks, if it’s short and it hasn’t been edited. Edited Audacity2 projects are not recoverable without the aup file.

Do you know why so many projects are damaged? The usual failure mode is assuming the AUP file is the whole show and lose the _DATA folder.

Looking forward, it’s highly recommended that you Export a perfect quality WAV sound file of any original work or recordings and export a WAV file of edit masters. Yes, I know everybody wants an MP3 file for posting, podcasts, or audiobooks. You can make that after you make your WAV file for your own archive.


I’m running into more projects with lost aup files.

You used an odd English phrase there. These aren’t your own shows are they? You’re editing and producing for someone else? Did you volunteer to get someone out of trouble?


Hey Koz. I have an archive of files I’m searching. Some aud 2 projects have the aup file missing. I’ve had this problem before and did not want to do the tedious fixes that were suggested in this thread. Now I am wondering whether audacity 3 can handle this problem or am I still stuck? The projects are fine. The aup files are missing. Can I open a data folder without the old aup file? Can audacity 3 do this?



In the copying of data, I have found frequent missing data or aup files. I am now looking at 4 copies of an old project I have in archive, all data files and no aup. How can I retrieve the aup file to view one of these projects?

So glad that we can now change the names of projects and everything is in one package as it always should have been, just like any other doc. Why was it done in two files to begin with and why did it take so incredibly long to correct this problem?

SOLVED. I found the aup. I would still like to know “Why was it done in two files to begin with and why did it take so incredibly long to correct this problem?”