Lost audio upon saving project..no crash

I have a large multitrack project. It consists of 15 stereo song recordings I made at a concert. Each song was loaded into separate stereo tracks in Audacity. I time shifted the tracks so one track would start after another had finished. Total time after editing out breaks in the concert is 50 minutes. I saved the project from time to time (probably not often enough).

After the last project save the only editing I did was to cut applause, add some fade outs and adjust the time shift.

So here is where happy boy suddenly has a frown: I made one final project Save. Nothing unusual except the workspace screen returned with all the tracks empty. Track labels are intact, but no audio.

I wouldn’t consider this a crash as both Windows and Audacity seem fully functional.

I’m reluctant to close the project in case that would destroy any chance of recovering the audio. So the project is still open. Hopefully someone can offer advice on how to recover the missing audio before I do something stupid that would destroy all hope.

Audacity version 2.0.5 (not sure whether zip or exe downloaded but more likely .exe) - Windows 7 SP1

Disregard this post. While time shifting the various tracks I left a huge gap at the beginning (something I was going to adjust after the save.) After saving the project apparently Audacity defaults to show tracks beginning at the 0 seconds point.There was no audio to be displayed for the first several minutes. I freaked out when I saw what I assumed to be empty tracks.

My bad.

Audacity will reopen the project at the zoom level and view position it was last saved at, but zoom and level changes won’t be saved into the project if you save, change zoom or view and then close, because changing zoom or view position doesn’t make the project “dirty” and prompt a resave.

Also 2.0.5 is very old now. You could consider upgrading to the current 2.1.2 from http://audacityteam.org/download/windows.