Lost audio after backup - Empty tracks

Hi all of you,

First of, I’m new on this forum. Don’t blame me if I posted in the wrong section.

As the title said, I lost my audio tracks. But let me start at the beginning.
We have been working on a audio project for school. Did some voice recording and sound fx’s. After we had done all recording I saved in audacity and closed the program. Back home I uploaded the audacity file to google drive so the rest of the team was able to use it too. Completely forget to upload the folder too. Whatever, I deleted the files from my mac. Next day tried to open the file but gave me an error. In an attempt to get the files back I used my time machine backup. Wich gave me my file and folder back.

But here it comes…
Opening the file it gave me an error. Missing data, I started to import the files from the folder. That gave as result that I had all my tracks back but, they where all empty. No sound waves or anything.

Several hours of recording are gone. Now my question is: Is there anyway how we can restore this so we have everything back on working?

I’m using a Macbook with Audacity from the newest version.

Thanks for the help so far,

This is the Mac part of the forum, and you are using a Mac. No problem there :smiley:
We do prefer that people check and quote the actual Audacity version number (as requested in the pink box at the top of the page). You’d be surprised how many people say they are using “the latest version” and aren’t. The current version is 2.0.6.

Oh dear :frowning:

Probably not.
If you open the project now, do you get any warnings or error messages? If so, please quote exactly what they say. If Audacity asks if you want to delete “orphan files”, say no.

For future reference, it is highly recommended that after making an important recording, you immediately Export the recording as a WAV file - that gives you a reliable backup just in case disaster strikes.

Damm… well, thanks for the quick response. I’ll be waiting for (maybe) other reply’s. If not, we’re going to re-do the recording.

Thanks for the help,

Are these files the AU files from the _data folder of the project? You should be able to import those, but the file names are random so you would almost certainly not be able to import the files in the correct order.

If you imported the AU files, that isn’t expected unless that audio comes from WAV or AIFF files that you have now deleted and you did not copy the WAV or AIFF files into the project.

When you got the missing audio data files error when opening the backup of the project, it could be that Time Machine has moved or renamed the subfolders in the _data folder. If you want to, you could post the AUP file that Time Machine gave you, together with the Audacity log from Help > Show Log… that you get when you open that AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/how-to-attach-files-to-forum-posts/24026/1

Use the AUP file that Time Machine gave you, not any later AUP that you still have.