Lost Audacity Project file

Help! I have a similar problem except that the data folder is there, but not the sound file. Hours of work gone. I have vsn 2.0.5 running on win7proSP1. I have already searched the hard disk for the same name as on the data folder, less the word “data”, and got nothing. I am screwed, right?

I’ve started a new topic for you as you don’t have the same problem as Lost Audacity Project .

Look in the Recycle Bin in case the AUP file is there.

What happens when you choose the project from File > Recent Files in Audacity?

You can’t make a good manual recovery from a project if you were doing hours of editing and moving pieces around. You can make a reasonable manual recovery from an unedited stereo recording and a perfect manual recovery from an unedited mono recording. See: Crash Recovery on the Audacity Wiki .


Thank you, Gale,

Last night, I was able to find, and recover from, a file that was only an hour back, so all is well. Still, klutz that I am, If it has happened once it will happen again, and worse. So I will study on your post later today. I have only been working with the program for a week or so, and the more I work with it, the more I come to appreciate it. I am an old hand from the “Canary” days.

One feature of this program that I need to understand is its file handling. I understand that for every saved file there is also a folder and that, if those become separated in different meta-folders, all hell breaks loose. If you know, off the top of your head, the link to that help file, I would be in your debt … more. If it’s not readily available to you, don’t take more of your time to search it. I will find it.



This topic in the manual explains Audacity Projects: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html


Thank you. Bit by bit, I am getting the hang of the help files. Thanks for your patience. N