Lost all recorded material


I am in the middle of recording an audiobook and I got the “Cannot detect recording device” pop-up. So I saved my work and closed Audacity and opened it back up. When I pulled up the file EVERYTHING is now a flat line. No sound at all. Is there any possible way to recover any of this or did I just lose over an hour of audiobook recording?

Please help

“Cannot detect recording device” pop-up.

What is the recording device? If that happens again, Shift+Command+4 and draw a box around the message. That will save a picture to your desktop and you can post it on the forum and give us a head start solving this.

What did you call the performance, the filename?

If it’s USB microphone, what’s the possibility the USB cable is loose at either end? There was a recent post where, after days of investigation, it turned out the USB cable under the microphone wasn’t plugged all the way in.

Does the microphone work right now?

When I pulled up the file

An Audacity Project isn’t a file. It’s a file and a folder.

Did you save any work before the microphone crash? I mean other than the last one?

Did Audacity offer to rescue anything? Any messages?