Lost all playback sound??

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I am having the same problem. My sound comes through headphone speakers. No usb items plugged in and I just rebooted. still no sound

I thought I would also mention my sound is working fine in other programs. Thanks

I started a new topic for you. It’s better to start a new topic even if the symptoms look similar.

Do you mean that in other programs you can hear sound in both headphones or speakers, but not in Audacity?

Are you choosing either the headphones or speakers as playback device in Device Toolbar ?

Is this Windows Vista, 7 or 8 or what version of Windows is it? If it’s Vista, 7 or 8, right-click the speaker icon by the system clock > Open Volume Mixer. Make sure the Audacity volume slider in Volume Mixer is turned up. Make sure the output volume slider is turned up in Audacity too:


I can hear in other programs fine such as I-tunes but not in Audacity. Please forgive my lack of technical terms but the audio position line is moving across the file properly and the meter is working. I have speakers plugged into my headphone jack on the front of the PC. I don’t know of any sound changes since I used it last and it worked fine (about 2 weeks ago) When it wasn’t working right last night I uninstalled 2.0 and reinstalled 2.2 without success with regards to getting the sound back. Both the slider setting are set all the way up.

What do you have selected as the playback device in the Device Toolbar?

Headphones - default speakers -

Please tell us what what version of Windows you are on. If you are on Vista, 7 or 8, have you checked the Volume Mixer as I suggested ?

Does it help if you change Audacity playback device to Speakers and take your headphones out?


I am using Windows 7. Again sorry for lack of technical terms, but yes I did set the volume mixer all the way up (that is what I met by slider settings earlier).

My speakers are boze computer speakers that plug into my headphone jack. Everyting worked fine up until a few days ago when I posted.

Thank you for the help.

And if you change Audacity playback device to Speakers and take your headphones out? This is just for testing in Audacity, I know you can hear the speakers in other programs.

Can you also click Help > Audio Device Info in Audacity, right-click > Select All, right-click > Copy, press the Code button above where you post replies then paste the Audio Device Info between the two code tags.

Don’t worry about the code tags if it’s difficult, just paste the information.