Lost All My Plugins During Upgrade and They Won't Activate

Hi All,
I just upgraded from 2.1.1 to 2.2.1 and lost most plugins.

  • Downloaded plugins
  • Dragged them to Audacity folder
  • When to 'Effect/Add-Remove-Effect, selected ‘all,’ clicked “enable” and “ok” but they’re still not there.
  • Did so as admin.
  • Restarted program, nothing.

Plugins are in the Audacity folder along with those that are enabled (see screenshot)

See screenshot of what’s in the folder, but not actually in Audacity when I go to ‘Effects.’
Screenshot (46).png
Any suggestions?

There are different ways to install depending on the type of plug-in. For Nyquist plug-ins (files have a “.ny” file name extension), the plug-ins should be put in the “Plug-Ins” folder where your current version of Audacity is installed.

VST plug-ins should be installed according to the plug-in’s installation instructions.

If you click on the “Enabled” option at the top of the Plug-in manager, do you see them listed as enabled?

If you need further help, please tell us exactly what the plug-ins are (or at least some of them).

Hi, thanks for your reply.

No, that’s the thing. The plugins are all in the correct folder but when I go to the “effects” within Audacity, it asks me to enable plugins, then there is a list of plugins, but some of the ones I have in the Audacity folder are not listed in that list at all. For example the Butterfly plugin. Even though the plugin is in the folder.

I can’t figure it out.