Lost ability to change recording input - how to get it back?

I used Audacity 1.3 on my old system - loved it. Now I have a system with Win 7, downloaded Audacity 2 and have a HUGE issue that I have not been able to find a fix for. WHen I first started the new Audacity, all the options for recording were there, so I could record a track that was playing from the internet as well as record my voice.

Then, I needed to record my voice, switched to the microphone and have NEVER been able to go back. The option to record through my machine is no longer even available!
What can I do to get the other options back?

Self recording is a messy and sometimes hidden service, and it gets harder and harder to find as the versions of Windows advance. It’s not a guaranteed and normal service like recording your voice or playing YouTube.

I know you think that’s a vital and necessary part of owning a computer, but Windows is more and more a business system and recursive sound pathways (recording yourself) can interrupt or damage corporate conferencing and communications. So many computers leave it out. Macs have no natural means to do this at all without adding special software.



Windows may have just hidden the option (quite common) or there may have been an update that removed the option (sadly not uncommon either).
See here for how to un-hide the option if it is hidden, and some workarounds if the option is not available with your new Windows set up. http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#cp

Thanks Steve - that was exactly what I needed to do:)