lossless export

Hi there

I use to record internet radio stream, import it into Audacity 1.3.12 in order to cut the stream. I noticed that exporting the project leaves me with me with lower quality than the original. I tried all kinds of settings.
My fault, or simply frustrating ?

What settings are you using?

What file type do you use for export?

I’d think you should choose Microsoft WAV PCM 16 bit for lossless.

FLAC may also be a lossless choice?

When you say worse than the original, do you mean that the export file when played back sounds inferior to what you hear directly from the Internet stream before recording?

Do you show 44100 as the rate in the lower left corner of the main window?

Many people say “Sound File” when they mean “MP3.” That’s a mistake. MP3 creates damage and the damage is worse if the original work was already compressed and damaged like an internet stream. There are serious restrictions to using streaming audio or other MP3 downloads in sound production – even if it’s only cutting and editing.