loss of sound after installing audacity

I use windows 7 and have audacity 2.0.1 installed.

After installing Audacity and attempting to set up for recording I found that all sound for ALLprograms had been lost. I have checked all settings in Sound devices , uninstalled Audacity ( I still had no sounds at all after this) and re-installed it. The speakers are working correctly - i have tested them through another computer. The sound monitor on the speakers indicate that sound is being generated. It is just not audible. All mute buttons are disabled and all volume sliders are at maximum. does anyone have any suggestions - A computer without sound is not easy to use !!!

Thank you for any assistance.


are you using a USB device by any chance?

If so see this FAQ from the Manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_playback.html#usb


No I am not using a USB device. But thank you for a reply !

waxcylinder meant if you have been using a USB device to record with, which will set the WIndows playback device to the USB device. If it it was a USB microphone or turntable which is not meant to be a computer playback device, this will kill sound on your computer. Please recheck:
http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_playback.html#usb .

Otherwise, is the Audacity output slider turned up? It is meant to control the sound device main output volume directly, though this may not work in all cases.

When you say you have checked all the volume sliders, have you right-clicked over the speaker icon by the system clock > Open Volume Mixer?


Yes I have done all those manouvres and still no sound.

I have only been using or attempting to use a plug-in headphone and mirophone plugged inot the jacks on the front of the PC.

Al volume sliders are at max 100%
audacity output slider also at max.
Any other suggestions ? would be very gratefully received. A computer with no sound is frustrating to say the least !11

thank you


On some computers the headphones and speakers are separate outputs. You will have to select “Speakers” if your headphones are are not plugged in, or “Headphones” if your headphones are plugged in.

If that does not help, open the Playback tab of Sound in Windows, ALT + PrtScr, open Paint, Paste, save as a PNG file, then attach the image here (use “Upload attachment” underneath where you post).