Loss Of Playback Sound When Configured to Record Directly From Windows

Windows 11. Audacity 3.5.1.
Following instructions from several YouTube videos, I set up the input device to use my sound card (Realtek Audio). I tested by recording the video and it recorded fine. However, when I played it back there was no sound. I have four possible playback speakers (Realtek speakers, two monitors with speakers, and Audio Box). None of them would work. I recorded a music video from YouTube and then exported it playing it back on the PC. It played well as expected yet it would not playback using Audacity. I then set the input back to Audio box USB 96 with the same result.
I also use Studio One and it did not like using the input form the sound card. I had no problem with record and playback with Studio One. It worked as normal.
Oh, I also opened a previously recorded audio that I had opened with audacity (but recorded with Studio One) and it would play but no sound. In the past, I would use Audacity for editing (easier interface).
What have I done wrong? Next step would appear to be to reinstall Audacity but will that fix the problem so that I can record from the sound card?

You may have 4 possible speakers but you will have to select 1 for Audacity Playback… Which one are yo selecting as Audacity Playback device in Audio setup…or Rescan audio devices and see what it finds. and restart Audacity again

I tried all 4 one at a tme all with the same silent result.

Did you try Audacity 3.4.2? The Audacity 3.5 series has had some problems…


I will try that tomorrow.

Uninstalled completely and reinstalled 3.5.1. Now seems to be fine. Thanks for your help.