Loss of Data

Yesterday, I installed Audacity 2.0.1. Then last night we were recording a live church service when near the end we lost all data and audacity started recording over. What happened and can we recoup the last data?


If you ran out of disk space to record to, Audacity would tend to start writing again from the start and/or the existing recording would start to acquire gaps. See Recording Length for help. Nothing is recoverable if that happened.

If disk space was not the problem, please click Help > Show Log… then Log > Save… and attach the log (“Upload attachment” underneath where you post).


Thanks Gale,

I believe that I ran out of memory. As it was pointing to the wrong drive.

If you have checked “Audio Cache” (Play and/or record using RAM)" in Directories Preferences, I suggest you uncheck it. You cannot recover any recording written to RAM if that recording crashes.

Record to a fast local drive instead.