Loss for words Loss for caring 3/5

I had just one question and one comment.
I am not the confrontational type, as such, I have a tendency to avoid being heard on most matters.

As appreciative as I, and many many others are for the time that’s been put in to this, and the availability of it, for all…
I am more devastated, heart broken, and angry than I have been in more than a decade.

Audacity and it’s devs. have stolen from me. Albeit, likely not intentionally.
My time, health, and desire to create are gone, and I don’t assume there to be a form for a refund.

Several hours of excitement, joy and my goddamn time creating, all of the way to conclusion. - I learned years ago, no matter the project, save and do it often. Back ups on no less than two drives. Sorry to crash the jerks who were getting ready to drop a ‘reality bomb’ on my head and inform me that I should have been saving.
I digress…
The program had been running for hours, I was ready to do a second play-through of the nearly complete project to catch any little thing I may want to tweek.

Saved twice across two HDD.
Closed, reopened Audacity, opened my save, to find every component of every track in a new location; some were even INSIDE of others. (not the technical term clearly, but it is the term I am using, as to more clearly define how absurdly wrong everything was)

What’s more, half - or more, I gave up bothering to check after about half - of the clips had their speed reduced significantly. So, every precise adjustment (as I assume every filter, EQ, etc.), precise placement, really just the integrity overall was destroyed.
I had played a front to end non stop playthrough before saving (twice), and everything was good to go. Two saves; two time stamps, locations, names…
My one question; Why? If I am to ever find some form of closure over this, I need to know what happened. Drop the overly-technical or super simplified on me, I do not care. I need an explanation - beyond being told to stop feeling sorry for myself and to stop whining on a forum meant to discuss and learn.
I am initiating discussing. I am attempting to learn. But so should you. If what happened, can happen… at least in my opinion, it’s a problem; problems need attention and mending.
Unfortunately my project and the creativity that fueled it are not going to be mendable. Hoping this doesn’t/isn’t happen[ing] to others is what I can aspire to now.

a note: I was aware of, inspected, adjusted and readjusted (after experiencing undesired performance) the program’s prefs. It was, to my competence and understanding, set up to my expectation of execution. It was assumed to be so, as performance had met it all throughout my sessions.
a final note: I was not using Audacity to record audio and then edit it. I imported existing audio. All clips were imported without issue, and sounded unviolated through the entire process, until I had opened the save file.

The comment;
Great program. Greatly appreciated for the time and effort put in to it over the years, and again, the availability of it.

Do not assume that I do not respect the devs. for their time and effort - for a free to use application. this is not an attack novella.

3/5 stars.

Instead of writing so much and really saying nothing about what you did, haw, what version of Audacity, what operating system and version etc. - you could have been more precise and probably would get a reasonable answer. But this way? Much blahblah and no information.

Did you accidentally lower the project tempo? In which case increasing the tempo would solve things for you.