Losing part of audio while recording

Having so much fun using Audacity! Got the highlighting and cutting part figured out after an audio file is created.

However, sometimes while I’m actually recording a file, parts of it are not captured in the audio. Randomly. Doesn’t do it every time I record.

What am I doing incorrectly?
I apologize if it’s in the manual – if so, can you point me to where I can learn more?

Thanks in advance!

It could be a lot of things, including a connection on the analog-side.

Are you getting [u]dropouts[/u]?

Dropouts are usually related to multitasking, and your operating system is always multitasking even if you are only running one application. All it takes is for some application, driver, or process to “hog” the system for a few-milliseconds too long and you get buffer overflow and a “glitch”.

DVDDoug, thanks so much for your reply and the link to the manual regarding “dropouts”!

First thing I’ll do is disable my adblocker on the Audacity site. Then I’ll check task manager to see what else is going on behind the scenes. Will see if I can outsmart the machine on this one. . .:laughing:

Next step is playing with inserting sections into an audio already recorded. Will read the manual on that carefully while learning. :smiley:

Audacity is so much fun to use! It was highly recommended to me by the company where I bought the mic.

Gonna pop over to the support screen and get that going also.

Reply part deux – took the laptop offline completely (including no more auto-connect to wi-fi) – will use the copy of the manual on the hard drive instead of the online version. (All the softwares listed in task manager are, I think, necessary when working online – anti-virus, auto-updates, etc.)

No dropouts while recording today. If it happens again, will dive further.

Thanks again, DVDdoug!