Losing our audio with windows media player

We keep losing our audio when going from audacity to windows media player to listen to our exports…SOMETIMES! We read that maybe you have to unplug the usb to the record player and we did get audio back. However, this morning the record player was still plugged in and windows media player DID WORK. Seems inconsistent.

Any suggestions?? Hate to keep unplugging it and readjusting setttings…

TK Welch

There’s no shortage of fun and games with USB sound devices.

Let’s make sure you performed Export As WAV… after you produced your final show and before you tried to send the performance off to Windows Media. If you did it any other way, the results could be instable. Saving as a Project won’t do it and Windows Media doesn’t always get along with MP3 exports.


Windows had dreadful support for USB audio devices, especially ones that (like most of the USB turntables) claim to be able to play sound but in fact don’t. The reason you intermittently don’t get sound from Windows Media Player is because windows has decided to switch all sound output to the USB turntable, which doesn’t have any way for your to hear it. If windows doesn’t switch it, then you will be able to hear playback.

Now that you have configured audacity to always output to your sound card, it won’t be affected by Windows messing around, but other programs will. I’m not sure if there is a way to tell Windows Media Player what output to use for sound, but I suspect there might not be.