Losing narration when copying music

I have Windows 7 and 2.1.2 Audacity. I open narration, then open background music, I copy music and go to narration, highlight new track and paste music. I turn off solo but the narration seems gone.

Are “narration” and “background music” audio files that you import into Audacity?

If you select the whole narration track and paste the music, the whole track will become music.

If you are trying to paste the music into the narration track, click where you want to paste but don’t make a selection.

If you already made a new track (Tracks > Add New) to paste into, then unsolo all the tracks after paste. CTRL + SHIFT + F so you can see all the tracks.


I created narration by using Audacity, saved it. Then I opened another file and imported the music. I copied the music from that file and tried to paste in the file with the narration on a new track. The music pastes but the track with the narration goes blank. I have turn of the solo on both tracks, the music plays but the narration track is blank.

Audacity does not open files. It imports their audio into a project. So any copy and pasting must be done in the project.

That last sentence does not make sense. If you opened a new track, that track is empty. If you want to paste the music into that empty track, Copy the music, then Paste. Do not use Cut.

Are you saying the blue waves of the narration become a flatline?

You have

TRACK 1 - narration
TRACK 2 - music

If you want a track 3, what do you want to be in TRACK 3?

Alternatively can you post one or more screenshots so we can see what you are trying to do and what happens when you paste?

Please see how to attach files to forum posts.