Losing Labels Burning to CD

Apologies i’m sure this question has been posted many times but i can’t find any discussions. When burning to CD-R i’m losing all Labels assigned to the WAV files. When checking the burnt CD all the properties say is it’s a CD Audio Track 1, Track 2 etc. I’ve made sure i’ve used all the correct Project Rates (44 100 Hz) etc. The tracks sound fine when played back it’s just the missing labels! Is it i’m using the wrong burning software (Windows Media Player) ??

Please help


WAV files do not support labels. The label track allows you to use “Export Multiple” to split your recording into individual tracks that can then be burned to an audio CD to create separate tracks on the CD.

There is a tutorial all about this in the Audacity wiki (see link at top of page).

Thanks for help i didn’t realise the label information wasn’t held on a WAV file