Losing a AUP file

Im pretty sure that this topic has been covered somewhere, but for further clarification on my behalf… is it possible that with just my _data folder filled with 3 sub folders full of .au files (from an important lecture) I can reconstruct the lecture without the .aup file. For some reason the file has disappeared, I searched everywhere, used spotlight and even dug into deleted files using some corresponding software but nothing pulls the file. I now understand that the .aup file sorts out the _data folder but how do I reconstruct without it?


Recovering a project without the .AUP file is not easy and might not be successful. Instructions for how to attempt the task are given here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Crash_Recovery

You may be better to try and track down what happened to the .AUP file. Did you perhaps accidentally delete it? Is it in the “Trash”?

the trash was emptied, I have attempted to recover the emptied recycling bin to see what files were in there but the search didn’t return any aup’s at all