Loose Boundary Clip Preventing Sample Sliding

The bane of sliding samples!
Anyone else has to occasionally hunt these down? Just curious what causes this.
Sliding clip.png

It looks like this issue: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/4134

Peter: Further testing shows that what causes the above behaviour is that at steps 2-3 when you spit the clip, both halves of the clip can be expanded to the original clip.

This is what causes it in my projects, unless I’m mistaken.

That is indeed what happens in the latest versions of Audacity - they are known idiomatically as “smart clips” - and this is intended, by design by Muse (Reaper does similar)

Note too that if you make a selection in a clip/track and paste it to another different project the the hole of the audio in the clip/track is copied over too, but hidden in the “smart clip”. We may be getting an option in 3.3.0 to copy just the selection and not the whole “smart clip”.

You can also shrink “smart clips” by clicking and dragging on its upper left or right edge - and this just hides the audio that is shrunk away, it can be later dragged back if required.


Thank you guys. :mrgreen: