Looping several vocal tracks over one instrumental track, while recording

Please help, can this be done?
I start with a basic instrumental track which I import and have playing as a background, repeating over for 10 minutes or more. Over this first track I want to record a second vocal track, maybe four stanzas (I am ok how to do this until here), then (here comes the question…) without stopping the recording and starting over I want to get this second vocal track to repeat itself and keep playing together with the first instrumental one so I can record a third layer, vocals too, without interrupting the whole thing in the process. And so on, how many ayers can I do, if possible at all, without stopping in between? This is for a live performance which I need to record.
Thank you

Audacity can’t change settings in the middle of a recording, so no, you can’t make it into a looper, AFAIK.

You missed one. You have to be able to set the number of loops, not just open-ended. The performances I’ve seen, the artist can start and stop looping groups many times during the song.

You can make a looping recording through overdubbing. But it’s not real time. It’s multiple stops and starts.


Audacity is a post production editor.


Audacity is not suitable for this.

For live use, I would highly recommend a hardware looper (such as a Boss Loop-Station).

If you really must use a PC, then I’d recommend installing Linux and Sooperlooper.
(When using a PC for live work, it should really be a dedicated computer just for music. Reliability is everything when performing live.)

If you really must use a PC and Windows, then take a look at Mobius programmable looper (rather old, but free and will probably work on Windows 10).

it should really be a dedicated computer just for music.

Lock out automatic updates…