Looking to Record Audio Directly From Console Games

Hi there. I’m looking to record audio directly from my console games. I went to RadioShack and got cables so that I could hook up to the Audio Out on my TV, and I’ve been using a crappy voice recorder in conjunction with that for the purpose of experimentation, but the fidelity has been pretty bad. I was going to try using my camcorder and pulling audio off of that, but I don’t expect it to be perfect. What sort of equipment can I use to achieve great fidelity, at an affordable price? Thanks for your help!

You can get a Mac laptop or deskside and plug your adapter cable directly into the Line-In on the side of the case. Launch Mac Audacity. Record your brains out. This also works if you have a large, deskside PC with a Line-In on the sound card, or a laptop that can manage its sound service to provide a Line-In. I think the Lenovo machines can do this.

If you have a normal PC laptop, it has a mono Mic-In only which is perfect for Skype phone calls, but easily damaged by loud stereo sound levels. There is no good way out for those without spending more money for a USB interface.


Ah, thanks Koz! I hadn’t even thought about using my laptop. I had to wait until my dad got home to get my hands on the manual (it’s really his) so that I could see what exactly it had, but it turns out it does have a line-in. And damn, that’s some beautiful sound quality! Much better and cleaner (in terms of the profile) than what I was getting with my voice recorder. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with this! :smiley: