Looking for guru to transcribe recoding of wifey

Greetings. I am a user of Audacity - going back a decade id guess - but haven’t used it for this purpose before, so im looking to solicit someones help who is much more proficient with audio than me, if anyone is up for a challenge. I have a 6 hour recording in which exist two conversations - 20 min and 10 min that i can isolate and send, that i would like to see if anyone would like to play with, enhance, and can transcribe. If anyone is up for the challenge and has time to spare, please let me know. Im certainly open to donating. If service solicitation is not permitted on this forum, please accept my apology and delete this thread.

I don’t think it’s a problem of being up to the challenge. Audacity is famously unable to “rescue” bad performances. We don’t do forensics. All our tools depend on some part of the performance being at least close. If none of the performance is close, then the tools don’t have anything to “chew on.”

If you can’t make out words, that’s the end of the story. I posted a bit ago that the CSI TV show could routinely rescue surveillance recordings to find the bad guys. It’s entirely theatrical. The only reason they could do it is because that’s what the script called for.

Google “forensic rescue.”


thanks for the response. the audio is pretty good quality - just a few mumbled phrases i was hoping some enhancement might reveal.

This sounds like audio for a legal case. For that audio to be admissible in court it needs to be processed and verified by an audio forensics expert approved by the courts. We do not provide those services. Use your favourite search engine and look for “audio forensics”.