Looking for effect artists


I have some recorded sound that I would like to change. Basicly what I have is the following: A recording of me saying something and a recording of another guy saying something else. I want to change my recording(with audacity effects) so that it seems like the other guy is saying(I would try that input thing, but I only have one recording of that guy and it does not relate to anything I need). Anyways if somebody has the time perhaps they can try to make the first recording sound like the second one(with, of course, different words), but without loosing to much quality(I still want it to sound nice). Anyways I’ll upload the two files and if somebody can do this for me, it will be great. Note that what I want is the procedure on how you did it, not the actual finished file, since I have a few other recordings I also need to change.
So remember, make Voice1 sound like Voice2 guy is speaking(if you can).

Thanks in advance,

Sound.rar (98.9 KB)

How come nobody wants to help me? :frowning:

Can’t be done. You could work away for weeks trying to use effects to manipulate Voice1 in the way you suggest and never get anything close to a convincing result. The very most you could do is manipulate the pitch of Voice 1 to be in roughly the same range as Voice 2, but the human voice is such a complex sound that’s only one basic aspect. There’s accent, intonation, pronunciation and any number of other elements that make one person’s voice unique.

This is also why they still kill actors by asking them to provide the voice for animated characters. To do that, the actor has to sit in a dark room for three weeks with nobody else around and speak the dialog into a microphone wind screen and hope to goodness it fits with all the rest of the dialog being recorded in other dark rooms. Oh, and be expressive and interpretative, 'K?

It’s grueling work. We sometimes send a camera over to watch the actor’s face so we can make the lip and cheek motions match the words.

Trust me, nobody would go through all that if they could push a button and get Robin William’s voice.