Looking for effect and edit advise

So I recorded an interview, but afterwards I noticed that the recording device was recording with +3db making the recording hard to listen to.
The voice is cracking and making a loud noise.
I have cut a small piece to illustrate my recording: Hey.mp3

What edits should I do to recover a normal recording?

Thanks in advance!

You can try [u]Clip Fix[/u].

I didn’t try it on your file, 'cause I’m at work right now. But when I did try it once, it only made the waveform look better without improving the sound (at least it didn’t improve the sound significantly). Hopefully, you’ll have better luck.

When a file is clipped information is lost… It’s impossible to know the original height & shape of the waveform. So, tools like Clip Fix can only make an approximate repair.

If you have a copy that’s not compressed to MP3 yet, use the uncompressed original. Then if you want an MP3, make a new MP3 when you’re done.

And, be sure to reduce the level below 0dB (with Amplify) before running Clip Fix. After running Clip Fix you can run Amplify again if necessary to bring the level back up to a reasonable level.

What edits should I do to recover a normal recording

Edit your way to a phone and schedule a reshoot.

You hit one of the non-recoverable errors. Overload produces digital sound that does not follow the performer. It appears you may be further than 3dB hot. You should test your recorder and make sure the bouncing sound meters never go all the way up. Get the tests back in Audacity and make sure View > Show Clipping is selected. The red marks will show you where the volume damage is. Every one of those cracks and pops is permanently burned into the voice.

You could try Effect > Clip-Fix in Audacity 2.1.2. Before you get all jump-up-and-downie, that doesn’t put the sound back together. That just makes the damage a little less harsh. It can help a lot if you have one, single clip wave in ten minutes of show.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 14.11.55.png

Thanks guys.
I was able to make the recording a little bit better (acceptable for the purpose) by using the Clip Fix tool on 10% and some important parts of the recording multiple times on 10%.

Before you get all jump-up-and-downie

hihi :laughing: , I already had that moment when I played back the recording.

Again thanks, I used Nero WaveEditor from back in the days, but Audacity is a very awesome tool, will probably use it more often!