Looking for Audacity Experience to edit my recorded instrume

Hello - I’m just new to forum - I don’t know if my request is allowed by Audacity - If not it’s because I am ignorant of the rules…so the monitor can just delete my request.

However, if my request is allowed, and I find an experienced Audacity user, I will agree to 25% Donation to Audacity, with 25% royalty to Audacity Producer of my Audacity Edit / Production of my Original Song Concept for Original Video with song = The Donald Boogie TM On my Recording Label

in 1959 I recorded Dennis Volk = Musician / Song Writer / Recording Artist / Deceased / his piano instrumental Dennis Boogie TM

I want to re record the audio file, and re release as The Donald Boogie TM The Donald Sound TM Choo Choo Cha Ching TM by editing the recorded audio file, by adding at appropriate locations on the timeline of the audio, the sound effect of a cash register opening = cha ching…

I tried to attach the Dennis Boogie audio file to this post, but recieved an error message; so you can listen to Dennis Boogie at YouTube = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfNYzM4vlqA

That You Tube record Label that Dennis Boogie is on, was a lease copy by Bobby Robinson who owned Fury Records and the Fling Record Label. In 1959, Harold Peterson and myself = Wilbert T. " Ted " Sass traveled to New York City NY to meet with record companies to lease our Master Recordings; we leased Dennis Boogie on my record label to Bobby Robinson who owned Fury Records / Fling Records.

I am happy to answer any questions: I live in Omaha NE = Retired, Lifelong sales person.

Thank You.

and I find an experienced Audacity user,

That may be the hard part. Most posters are in panic mode because their production failed in some way. We many times solve the problem and we never hear from them again. The helper elves all have IRL tasks and answer questions as time permits—and the appropriate time zone rolls around. That and the forum has pretty snappy response, so if you haven’t heard by now, you should probably arrange for production by some other method.


Nice boogie-woogie

You could easily get a better deal : a producer who will remix for a fixed fee, low tens of dollars …
e.g. see … https://www.fiverr.com/categories/music-audio/producers-composers/#filter=rating&page=1

If you are attempting to make money from the reworking you should double-check you have the rights : that you haven’t assigned them to someone else when you licensed it back in 1959.
Ca-Ching boogie in Audacity.png

The cash-register sound is from here … http://freesound.org/people/kiddpark/sounds/201159/ (CC BY 3.0)