Looking for an Audacity compantable digital recorder

I need a digital recorder that I can plug into my shortwave radio record the program and then down load to my PC (via USB) and then edit the file with Audacity.

I’m not sure how the file formats in digtial recorders work with the Audacity formats.

Any reccomendations?


Most digital recorders will work with, or at least be able to export, either WAV files, or mp3 files (and sometimes either).
Audacity can import either WAV or mp3 files, so just check that the recorder will work with your shortwave radio and that you can get WAV’s or MP3’s from it. (note that mp3’s trade off sound quality to reduce the file size, so check out what the sound quality of the recorder is like.)

Thank You!

Will Sony ICF-SW7600GR do a good job on this?