Looking for advice

Hello everyone. This is my first post on these forums. I am relatively new to Audacity.

I am making my own “A.I” in VoiceAttack, using my own voice. I’m going with Audacity to record all of the AI’s responses. All that I am doing is adding 3 effects to achieve the voice that I’m going for.

In the coming days I will be making tons of recordings for the responses that I need. Each time I record I new response I have to add the 3 effects, this is very time consuming.

Here is an example of a recording
“Your Welcome”

So I have to change the tempo of my track, then add an echo.

Next I copy the track so that there is a second track.
Now I add a tempo shift to the second track.

I wish there was i way i could automate this process.

The best thing that I could think of was using some sort of program like autohotkey.

Any suggestions or comments?

Audacity has a batch-process tool : macros