Looking for a "smooth" effect?

I’m using v2.0.3 on a Windows 7 x32 platform. It works great!

However, I’m playing around with pitch, tempo, speed… and I keep running into an area where it sounds very close to what I’m trying to achieve, but it also sounds very scratchy, or digital. Is there any plugin effect or something already existing that would let me “smooth” the sound? It’s not clipping, it just seems to be losing the important connective information.

Thanks for any advice!

if you chage speed and ptich together, nothing bad should happen.

In order to change speed & pitch independently [u]FFT[/u] is used, and with FFT you can sometimes get artifacts. Depending on how the FFT is tweaked, these artifacts can be reduced/minimized, but once it’s done you can’t remove the artifacts.

FFT is tricky stuff… Apparently with higher-end pitch shifting tools, such as AutoTune or Melodyne, they are able to minimize the side-effects to acceptable levels.

Hmm. Very interesting. I prefer doing it separately, but if that’s the way that it needs to be done? Thanks for the information!

Doug may mean Effect > Change Speed which changes pitch and tempo as a result of changing speed.

If you want to change pitch without changing tempo, or vice-versa, or in opposite directions, have you tried Effect > Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift? This produces less artefacts than Change Tempo and Change Pitch, though it is slower.


What exactly do you mean by “moving” the sound?
Is it in the stereo field you want it to move?
Or up and down the frequency spectrum, i.e. what axis should the sound be moved along?