Looking for a reverb vocal plate

I’m running Audacity (don’t know which version as it dose not tell me) on a win 10 OS.

I also own an Behringer mixer with reverb and EQ effects built into the mixer. I want to match the effects I get from my mixer with Audacity.

The mixer I have lists a chart for all there effects including the reverb, found hear
(cant attach the file as focan’tdose not support file type)

The reverb I want is called “vocal plate approx 1.2sec decay”.
In my Audacity-effects-reverb. all I see is a list of dials and a wet only tick box. Is there a way I can match my vocal plate I need with all this?

don’t know which version as it dose not tell me

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OK thanks its 2.3.1

I have transferred an mp3 track into audacity, and then transport-recording-record new track (shift+R). so I can record vocals onto my backing track. But then I try and add reverb to it and it dose not give me the option of recording reverb to vocals only, it records reverb to bough tracks

Click just to the right of the up arrow to select the track before you apply the effect.


Thanks, I see how that one works now, you are just selecting the box that you wish to work on only

I noticed when I selected reverb and ticked the wet only box then ok, after it has compressed the fil it reduces the volume too

Do you know anything about platted reverb in audacity?

There are free reverb plugins which work in Audacity on Windows,
some have plate-reverb emulation presets. e.g.

Do you think there will be much difference from that and the inbuilt vocal 1 and vocal 2 that come with audacity?

Just about every reverb effect you come across will be subtly (or not so subtly) different from every other one, just as the natural reverberation in any one room is subtly (or not so subtly) different from just about any other room. If you want the exact same reverb as your Behringer mixer, then you should use a hardware Behringer reverb effect. You may well be able to get similar reverb with other reverb effects, but it’s not going to be exactly the same.

So you dont think it would not make much difference if I downloaded the above pluggins anyway?

Unlike Audacity’s native reverb effect, the Antress (free) Modern Spacer plugin can be adjusted in real-time,
(like physical hardware), so you can find settings to your taste quicker using the plugin.

Voxengo Stereo-Touch is another free real-time reverb plugin which works in Audacity on Windows.
Unusually it employs two delays working at once, so can sound quite realistic.