Looking for a really, REALLY good female vocalist

I’m working on a soundtrack I want to try to pitch to some movie and TV studios (hey, they’re all looking for original content), and I need to find a young-ish female singer (with a voice that’ll make someone think, “She’s probably in high school or college”) to sing 3 songs. It’s generally in the Broadway musical genre; two of the songs are quiet and sad; the third is the triumphant finale for the show, and needs to be extra-extra-powerful.
I’ve got MIDI piano tracks for all 3 songs, and they can be moved up or down, to hit the sweet spot for any particular singer.
I’ve been paying $300/track, for Nashville professionals, and have enough budget to do that with these 3 songs.
So . . . is it okay for me to ask for help, here in this forum, in finding the voice I need?
And, if so, can anyone here send me a private message, with either:
(1) a name I should listen to, with at least 2-3 good URLs (youtube, or whatever) where I can hear her voice, both soft and loud;
– OR –
(2) the best website(s) or other resources that I should check out, to find info like that?

This is an entirely serious request, and I hope for serious replies only, please. If you’ll send me a PM, I can send you samples from all 3 songs, enough so you’ll be better able to judge what the songs are like, and what I’m trying to do.

I’d recommend using the “Audacity Users” Facebook page for this:

It’s not an official Audacity group (it is a genuine user group - I happen to be an admin, I was invited) - but with over 2,000 members it’s a pretty active and helpful group.


Looking for a really, REALLY good female vocalist

Just about any church or high school (or college) drama or choral department.

Maybe Craigslist? In the old days people used to post stuff on a bulletin board at music stores… I assume there is something like that online now but I’m not aware of it.

…If there are profits involved you might have to be careful “contracting” with a minor. It’s done all the time and there are lots of minor actors & singers, but I don’t know how it works because a kid’s signature on a contract isn’t enforceable, and I’m thinking about the Pink Floyd kids suing 25 years later when they were no longer kids.